Staying Aware

Staying Aware…

I know it is a hard thing to do all the time. No one wants to, or can live in a constant state of extreme awareness or alertness.

Keeping your awareness up is something you have to work on. Like anything it takes time and experience, but once you make it a practice, it will become second nature.

Here are 3 things you and your family can start doing to be more aware!

A Good View

When you are at a restaurant, sit in the seat that gives you the best view of the place. Just having things in front of you will force you to be aware. Plus, how are you going to notice something if it is happening behind you!

Know The Normal

Know the normal! You should know what is normal for places you frequent. Whether it is the cars in your neighborhood, or the parking lot at your work, you should be able to notice things that aren’t normal. A way to do this is to take a few mintues every week, maybe as you are leaving your house or coming home, and just drive around your neighborhood. What do you see? Take notice of things, people, etc. Just seeing this stuff gives your brain something to recall.

Listen To Your Gut

Pay attention to your gut! I think most people greatly undervalue their intuition. If you are out and about and you notice something abnormal, pay attention to it. If your feel the hair stand up on your neck, pay attention to it. Those gut instincts could save your life, and they are engrained in us for a reason! Don’t ignore them!

These simple things will get you moving in the right direction to stay aware! Put them into practice and they will become second nature!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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