MilMak Industries is a company based out of Phoenix, AZ that is dedicated to increasing your awareness, security, and safety.

About MilMak

With the world we live in today there are things constantly happening around us.  We this, we saw a need for training in awareness, safety, and security. There are plenty of companies that offer firearms training, or self-defense training, but very few that focus on awareness and prevention.

Our goal is to provide you with strategies and knowledge to help keep you safe.  To help you increase your awareness.  We want you to recognize precursors to events, so you can avoid them all together.  That is our goal, that is what we are about.

Whether it is giving people action items to do right now, 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make You and Your Family Safe or helping them develop plans for specific situations, we are dedicated to helping you keep your family safe.

MilMak Industries is ran by a SWAT officer with nearly a decade expereince working in one of the countries largest cities.  His whole career has been dedicated to reading situations, staying aware, and helping others.  This experience and knowledge is what makes us unique.